Furniture Accessories

USB & Power Extension Lead hire
H76 x W160 x D104
ESM11 - £70.00
Tall Artificial Plant hire
H1950 x W500 x D500
MF01 - £135.00
Artificial Topiary Plant hire
H910 x W190 x D190
MF03 - £88.00
Table Top Plant hire
H650 x W120 x D120
MF04 - £45.00
Fridge - 1amp and 4 cubic feet (140 litres) hire
H870 x W510 x D520
MS02 - £120.00
1 Amp Freezer hire
H870 x W510 x D500
MS02-F - £125.00
1 Amp Mini-fridge - 1 cubic foot (31 litres) hire
H590 x W450 x D470
MS03 - £110.00
Hat & coat stand hire
H1540 x W500 x D500
MS04 - £46.00
2 Amp Tall Larder Fridge hire
H1400 x W600 x D600
MS05 - £195.00
Tensa Barrier Post hire
H970 x W350 x D350
MS07 - £60.00
Ash/Wastebin hire
H620 x W250 x Ddia
MS08 - £40.00
Silver Wastebin hire
H360 x W290 x D290
MS09 - £17.00
Wastebin hire
H280 x W300 x Ddia
MS11 - £12.50
Blue Ropes 1.5m hire
H0 x W1500 x D0
MS12 - £22.00
Red Ropes 1.5m hire
H0 x W1500 x D0
MS12 - £22.00
Black Ropes 1.5m hire
H0 x W1500 x D0
MS12 - £22.00
Carrier bag holder post hire
H950 x W340 x Ddia
MS13 - £55.00
Barrier post hire
H1000 x W340 x Ddia
MS14 - £28.00
Barrier Post with A4 Signholder hire
H1230 x W330 x D330
MS15-A4 - £84.00
Queuing Barrier Post with 2M Black rope hire
H940 x W330 x D330
MS15-Black - £50.00
Retractable barrier post - 2m Red Rope hire
H940 x W330 x Ddia
MS15-Red - £50.00
Portrait Sign post - Velcro Compatible hire
H1240 x W340 x Ddia
MS16-A4 - £58.00
A3 Landscape Sign post - Velcro Compatible hire
H1240 x W420 x D340
MS17-A3 - £68.00
Cheval mirror hire
H1510 x W390 x D490
MS19 - £64.00
Gown rail hire
H1570 x W1570 x D500
MS20 - £46.00
5 coat hangers only hire
H0 x W0 x D0
MS21 - £5.50
Freestanding Mirror hire
H500 x W830 x D130
MS22 - £52.00
Wastebin hire
H660 x W370 x D370
MS23 - £34.00
Fliptop Wastebin hire
H690 x W360 x D290
MS24 - £30.00
Velcro Roll 25m Hook hire
H0 x W0 x D0
MS25 - £35.00
Velcro 25m Loop hire
H0 x W0 x D0
MS26 - £35.00
Velcro Loop hire
H0 x W0 x D0
MS27 - £14.00
Velcro Hook hire
H0 x W0 x D0
MS28 - £14.00
Hat & Coat Stand hire
H1860 x W390 x D390
MS37 - £46.00
Makeup Mirror - illuminated hire
H800 x W680 x D255
MS38 - £148.00
Illuminated Makeup Mirror hire
H650 x W490 x D140
MS39 - £148.00
A1 Easel/Wipeboard hire
H840 x W595 x D0
MS41 - £56.00
Magazine distributors hire
H1000 x W500 x D500
MS43 - £116.00
Table Top Sweetie Machine Including Mint Sweets hire
H400 x W180 x D180
MS44 - £80.00
Free Standing Sweetie Machine with Mints hire
H1220 x W350 x D180
MS45 - £115.00
Lipstick Mirrors hire
H1570 x W290 x D290
MS49 - £88.00
Barrier Queuing Sytem hire
H960 x W1070 x D300
MS65 - £125.00
Twin Tower Football Table hire
H920 x W760 x D1500
MS66 - £440.00
Table Stand Number Holder hire
H300 x W65 x D65
MS67 - £19.00
Table Tennis Table hire
H755 x W2140 x D1220
MS68 - £440.00
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Conditions of Hire apply for all furniture hire (available upon request) & prices include delivery & collection where we
are the appointed contractor. Don't forget to ask for discounts which may apply subject to volume and specification.
The prices quoted exclude vat at the current rate.
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